Proficiency Driving Course

The next Proficiency Driving Course will be held on Saturday 13th May 2017 at METEC. Refer to the Proficiency Course web page for more details. 

Notify the Training Coordinator to book your place on the course.

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Fraser Island Trip Report

Thinking of going to Fraser Island this year?? Find out what happened on the 2016 trip – see Barb’s report on the Trip Report page!!

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Back To Fraser 2017

Hello to everyone and welcome to the New Year.

As the list of Club Trips is growing I am wanting to know the numbers of interested parties for a “Return To Fraser 2017” Trip this year.  The trip last year was a great one and a few of the participants on it made comment that they would love to go back again.  The trip will be based around the same schedule as last years but this time we WILL be getting to the Sandy Cape.  I am planning for a meeting at Dubbo on Saturday the 11th of November and then head north in convoy the next day.  Arrival on the island on Tuesday 14th November and back onto the mainland on the following Monday 20th November, what you do from then is up to you.  If you can let me know asap if you are interested so I can start the booking process.

Looking forward to a great year of travels


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Proficiency Course – 12th November

A reminder that club rules require all members to have completed a basic Proficiency course (or equivalent) to be able to participate in club trips. The final proficiency course conducted by our club for the year is on November 12th. If you have not completed this course make sure you book in soon. See calender for details.

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Report on VPASWS Awards evening

Barb has written a report on the awards evening where Marcus and the VP4WD Club received an award for work on the Blue/Green Crew. See trip reports.

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2016 Victoria Police Sports Awards

Most Outstanding Individual Police Sporting or Welfare Achievement of the Year 2016 – Awarded to the Four Wheel Drive Clubs ‘Blue Green Crew’ project created by Marcus Nash which provided 200 Defence, Police & Emergency Services members a chance to get away from the stresses of serious work life.

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