Trip Planning

How to Plan a Trip

You don’t need to have attended the club Trip Leader Course to run a trip, the course will help you if you need more comprehensive information about running a trip but the information below will get you on your way.

All you need to do to run a club trip is follow these easy steps:

Step 1. Decide where you want to go and check for track closures in the area, click here Seasonal Road Closures for Parks Victoria road closures.
Step 2. Complete the Trip Notice form and email it to the Activity Co-ordinator.
Step 3. Everyone going on the trip should complete a Personal Details form and leave it in their glove box in case of an emergency. For trips longer than a weekend, talk to the Activity Co-ordinator to find out more about the Personal Details form.
Step 4. Any visitors driving their own vehicle must complete a Visitor form (for our insurance purposes) and hand a copy to the Trip Leader.
Step 5. You can obtain any club equipment required for the trip from the Equipment Officer.
Step 6. A few days before the trip, check the local weather conditions, click Weather Forecasts for the Bureau of Meteorology forcasts.
Step 7. At the end of the trip make sure you have all the information you need to complete the Trip Report and distribute it by email as stated at the bottom of the form.
Step 8. If there were any incidents, injuries or vehicle damage complete the appropriate form and send it with the Trip Report.
Step 9. Complete a Track Survey form for any tracks you think are dangerous or require maintenance work and fax it to 4WD Victoria (details at bottom of form) and email to the Activity Co-ordinator.

And last but not least; start planning another club trip.